Dealer Websites

WebNet has been operating for 11 years on the same basic principles: bring the biggest and baddest technology to the industry, and keep the cost low. It's how we make clients for life, and nothing epitomizes those principles better than our class- leading dealership websites. Why choose a cookie-cutter template that doesn't relate to your store when a custom-built dealer website, which cost less is available? Well, that question answers itself, doesn't it? That's why we build your site from scratch, emphasizing your store's strengths and optimizing for search engines in a way no other dealer website provider can. If you want to make a unique and lasting impression on your prospects, talk to us today.

Examples of custom-built car dealer websites:

DealerDNA SEO – The engine that drives Site Traffic

Search engines are the #1 route that prospects take to get to your site, and the best part about our SEO is the snowball effect: as more prospects click on your listing, you gain the search engines' respect and your listing gets boosted towards the top, resulting in even more prospects clicking through. Want to know more? Get in touch with our SEO experts, or click here to see an example of our results.

See the Future Today

WebNet is always bringing industry-firsts to automotive retail, and our latest efforts are light-years ahead of the pack. Our website leads don't just tell you what the prospect submitted, but also tell you what pages they viewed while they were on your site. Our behavioral targeting strategies swap out site content depending on what the visitor is interested in at that time, maximizing your conversion opportunity and putting the right inventory in their faces like a good sales rep should do. There's plenty more where that came from... contact us to learn more.

DealerDNA Give You Total Control

DealerDNA site management tools are one-of-a-kind, putting absolute power in the dealer's hands. Create your own specials or tell the site to automatically put a car on special when it gets too old or costs too much in floor plan. Choose whether you want to show your inventory with 360 views, custom photos, videos... you name it. And when it comes to inventory, DealerDNA will push your cars out to almost any third party site on the planet, including Google. No longer do you have to visit each and every site to add comments or change pricing.

Consultants Corner

What should you look for in a dealer site vendor? A company that has all of the industry experience and none of the bad habits. That’s WebNet in a nutshell.

Look for reasonable pricing and no contracts. Our clients save an average of $370 when they switch to our sites, and we offer no-contract options because at the end of the day, we work for you... not the other way around. If you're unsatisfied, you should be able to leave.

Look for a vendor who cares about your store. Every dealer has unique strengths and weaknesses, and we dedicate ourselves to maximizing that uniqueness. Why settle for an old, overused, overpriced template that was built without the slightest knowledge of your store’s needs?