Marketing Strategies

Four Concepts:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of actively managing a site so that it appears near the top of search results in popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Because it is easier to find, site traffic increases. And because you have more visitors, the number of conversions rises, as does your return on investment (ROI).

To achieve optimal SEO results, WebNet manages your Web site’s code, content and structure to ensure that it scores high in relevance for the terms people use when searching for companies like yours. We can also improve your site’s visibility through link programs that increase your site’s “popularity” scores with the search engines.

Each SEO engagement begins with WebNet helping you determine the best keywords and key phrases for your business ― terms that will attract the right visitors. Then we code and edit your site to ensure that the “spiders” released by search engines properly index it. We submit your site pages for cataloging and monitor the results, refining the site on an ongoing basis.

The bottom line: your site will attract more qualified visitors than ever before, providing you with an opportunity to turn them into customers. WebNet has conducted winning SEO engagements for manufacturers, professional organizations and retailers.

Location is everything, they say, and it’s true online as well. If a prospective client can’t find you when they are looking for the services or products you provide, you might as well be lost in cyberspace. Particularly if your competition is right on the top of the search engines.

When more people find you, your site traffic increases. This rise in site visits is accompanied by a corresponding rise in conversions such as ticket sales or greater awareness of your services. And that translates into increased return on investment (ROI).

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one part of the answer, and often working with WebNet on your organic search results will be enough. But everyone is working on the search engines these days. So how can you stay on top?

Search engine marketing (SEM) helps you maintain a preferred position in the search engines through pay per click (PPC) management. We’ll work with you to set a budget and manage your traffic, adjusting as needed. We actively track, analyze and re-assess your pay-per-click commitments so that you see substantial results in Web site leads, goal conversion, and increased visibility.

Join the conversation taking place online. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Blogs. YouTube. There’s a conversation going on about your products and services. Make sure you’re a part of it. User-generated content creates both great expectations and significant trepidation for most businesses on the Internet.

It promises to engage customers in ways that no other medium allows; making them content contributors, testimonial providers and adjunct service representatives. But many businesses are concerned about the lack of control, as well as the risk that the brand might suffer from a less than complimentary posting.

WebNet provides you with a thorough understanding of the potential and the pitfalls of social media, and can recommend how to enhance the upside while mitigating the downside. And when management agrees to join the conversation, we implement with programming and ongoing editorial support. WebNet has helped its clients launch and write blogs, create Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace pages and groups, and to incorporate social media in its Web and overall marketing strategies.

WebNet’s Web designs are unique. We take pride in the fact that each stylish design provides the right content where expected and needed. Our design team has extensive experience in the design and content of Internet and other interactive services. We are particularly adept at analyzing business processes and translating them to the Web, organizing them for clarity, and presenting them with flair. We have also created an expertise in taking older sites — ones that have grown out of control — and helping clients redefine and redesign them into Web sites that are easy to navigate, easy to maintain and a joy to behold.

We do all this using predictable methods that help the client participate in the process every step of the way. Through specifications, information architecture diagrams, wire frames, user prototypes, usability testing, focus groups and more, we ensure that Web applications not only look stunning, but deliver precisely what a user wants and expects. Because of our straightforward, beautifully designed interfaces, adoption rates and eCommerce success rates often exceed client goals.

Consultants Corner

"Here's the blessing and the curse of search engine marketing all wrapped into one: the best results won't require a single dollar from your advertising budget.

Of course, an effective marketing solution at that price must have a catch... and the catch is that you have to be a fountain of Internet marketing knowledge to master it. Simply showing up in search results isn't the key. In the SEO/SEM world, you have to solidify your position, block competitors, keep your store's reputation in good standing, and ensure that your inventory and business listing information is in front of consumers' eyeballs at all times.

Being the #1 search result is just a piece of the pie. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are an even smaller piece of that pie. You need to be strong across the board, picking up as much traffic as possible and plugging any potential leaks in your online reputation. Talk to WebNet about it today, and we guarantee you'll be thanking us a year from now when you're generating free, quality leads from your own site."