Exclusive E-Commerce Consulting

Start asking questions about e-commerce to generic automotive Consultants, and it will soon become apparent that you need someone more specialized. It's not the Consultants' fault... Internet business strategy is a 24/7 discipline, and if you're not going to go all out for it, your knowledge base will be outdated and irrelevant. That means that your typical automotive Consultants, who have to be knowledgeable of F&I, Fixed Ops, manufacturer-to-dealer relations, etc., simply cannot be a source of insight when it comes to Internet strategy. That's where we come in.

WebNet has been here from the beginning

1997 was a long time ago in the Internet Sales realm, and believed by many to be the birth year for automotive e-commerce. At DealerDNA, we're proud to say that we've been here since the beginning... before Autotrader, Dealix, and even Google. We've seen and implemented a lot of e-commerce business models, and the reason we're still here is that we never stop innovating, and never stop learning.

Lower Costs, Higher Profits. Is that OK with You?

Our E-Commerce Consultancy delivers a service worth its weight in gold: lower costs and higher profit. But it's not just what we know that gets the job done; it's what we can show you. We're big believers in the idea of teaching a man to fish, and our goal as a Consultancy is always to turn your store into a self-reliant e-commerce powerhouse. See an abridged list of our deliverables below, and then make a 20-minute phone call that will revolutionize your business.

Consulting deliverables:

  • Analyze expenses, identify weak investments and propose budget adjustments
  • Develop future expense predictions relative to client’s intended sales growth
  • Generate ROI reports for individual Internet investments and overall media spend
  • Analyze Fixed Ops’ involvement in Internet marketing and identify opportunities
  • Develop solutions for SEO and search engine reputation management
  • Develop social marketing solutions
  • Analyze lead count and quality, closing ratios, and overall profitability
  • Analyze staff workload and coordination with work schedules
  • Analyze lead management strategy for efficiency and scalability
  • Develop email templates, autoresponders, and marketing campaigns
  • Generate staff efficiency reports
  • Analyze competition’s negotiation strategies and staff competency
  • Analyze hardware inventory and expenses
  • Analyze network infrastructure

Consultants Corner

"It's ironic that the dealers who don't see the value of a Consultant dedicated specifically to e-commerce are the dealers who most desperately need that kind of consulting. When dealers view the Internet as some mysterious sideshow that brings in a couple more deals a month, they risk falling behind their competitors - and more importantly, their consumers - to a point where they'll eventually put their entire rooftop's success at stake.

E-commerce and Internet presence are much more far-reaching concepts than what we understood them to be ten years ago in the automotive industry. The Internet affects not just sales, but customer retention, Service, F&I, aftermarket parts, your relations with competitors, and even your public image and reputation. Not only that, but the power available to Internet consumers has the potential to negate any advantage a dealer used to have in price negotiations and Fixed Ops revenue. Sitting idly by as the consumer grows stronger will eventually lead to a hole too deep to dig yourself out of.

WebNet's accredited industry veterans bring the future of the dealer-to-consumer relationship to the web, and focus on improving both your profitability and perceived value. The investment you make in our Consulting services brings value to your store that no other vendor can provide... a value that will realize itself for years afterwards."